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Incredible Cityscape Football Boots ft. Barcelona & Galatasaray

The guys at have come up with some incredible football boot designs based on cityscapes around Europe. The design of the concept boots uses the colour of the club against a backdrop of the city where the club is located. How we wished Nike would make these... Check out the designs below, as well as the reasons why chose them!

PSG - Paris

We just had to revisit Paris, the city with possibly the most iconic skyline in Europe. After we designed the third kit, what else could we do but make a boot to match. A mainly black boot with blue and red accents, it is PSG with a difference. The unmistakable Eiffel tower stands proud alongside the Arc de Triomphe and the Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral. Even Zlatan will be wanting to wear these!

Juventus - Turin

Juventus, the team made in Turin. The most famous landmark of Turin has a curious tale. Originally created as a Synagogue, it is now the National Museum of Cinema! Juventus are the most famous team in Black and White. Possibly the best colour combination for a boot, with the subtle hint of yellow and that wonderful skyline, it is fair to say we think this boot would sell by the boat load!

Galatasaray - Istanbul

We had a few requests for a Galatasaray cityscape shirt (watch this space), but we thought the colours were just too good not to be made into a boot! The stunning red and yellow colourway really catches the eye with that stunning cityscape. Hagia sophia (started work in 532!) - originally a church before being turned into a mosque, now serves as a museum. You can certainly say it is a stunning building!

Barcelona - Barcelona

After creating the Barcelona third shirt concept, we wanted to go more traditional with the boot. The famous colours team up wonderful in this boot to create something subtle and understated. The key feature of the Catalan skyline is the Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church that began construction in 1882 and is only going to be finished around 2028! We wonder how many more records Messi could make by the time the last coat of paint dries!?

Atletico Madrid - Madrid

Red, white and blue, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was an American or Texan boot, but this is Atleti. The club that has made waves in La Liga and Europe for the past few years. Some amazing players have worn the shirt and they seem to keep bringing them through. This colourway would be a perfect match for the home kit with just the right ratio between the colours. With some landmarks from the Madrid skyline such as the Puera Da Alcala - a neo-classical monument in the centre of Madrid, as well as the Almudena Cathedral, this boot really oozes history and class. FOOTY.COM allows football fans from all over the World to compare prices and find deals on thousands of football kits, football boots, trainers, training wear and equipment from a wide variety of well-known sporting brands and retailers.

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