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Dortmund's 'Complete The Album' & The Best Europa League Tifos!

The Europa League returned last night with a bang!

While unquestionably Adruiz scored the goal of the night for Athletic Bilbao, a more closely contested was a question of which set of fans had the best tifo?

Borussia Dortmund fans led the way with this a giant tifo cataloging the club's trophies and urging the team to "complete the album" with silverware from the Europa League.

Not to be outdone, Ultras Aslan from Galatasaray produced this epic for their game versus Lazio.

Sporting Lisbon Ultras paid tribute to their heroes on what they hope would be the first knock-out step on the road to the final in Basel, for their game versus Bayer Leverkusen.

The Magic Fan of St Etienne are true masters in making great choreographies and got in on the act too.

Finally, our last tifo of the night comes from Belgium where the Anderlecht fans proudly spelt out the year of foundation of their club for their game vs Olympiakos.