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Dortmund Fans Interrupt match: Enough is Enough

Borussia Dortmund defeated Stuttgart 1-3 in the quarter finals of the German DFB Pokal cup thanks to goals from Reus, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan.  The result however, was hardly the headline in this fixture.

The game was briefly interrupted in order to clear hundreds of tennis balls that Dortmund supporters threw onto the pitch in protest of the recent hike in ticket prices.  Thousands of Dortmund’s supporters stayed outside of the ground for the first 20 minutes of the match and upon entering the ground, threw the optic yellow projectiles in order to make their message heard.  In the away sector the Dortmund faithful also held up a banner with the slogan “Big Tennis”: an ironic reference to the price of tennis matches.

This action comes just a few days after Liverpool supporters staged a walk out at the 77th minute over price hikes at Anfield.  There seems to be a growing movement amongst fans who are coming together to say enough is enough.

In Germany, fans have long been an example for standing up for their rights, and have more authority to do so as 51% stake holders.  This will certainly serve as an example for fans around the world, as they look for creative ways to stop owners from pricing them out.

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