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Barcelona: Behind the Scenes

If you can't take a good photo in Barcelona, you're doing something wrong.

The city is embarrassingly rich with diverse, cinematic scenery and radiantly beautiful people. We at least managed to ruin half of that, but we couldn't spoil the incredible views. Here's the highlights from Jason's pentax, starting with a swift breakfast and a stroll through Park Güell...
It wasn't long before we found ourselves at the beach - for British people in January, the 15 degree Barcelona sunshine was basically the Copa Cabana.
15 minutes into an impromptu game of backstreet Kerbie and quite a crowd had amassed. The locals hadn't seen ball control of this quality since a certain young Argentine first graced La Masia.
The trip ended with a 4 hour delay to our flight. It's safe to say we dealt with it in different ways - Kai cracked on with the edit, the rest of us made a beeline for the airport bar. Erin just looked sad. The pictures got progressively blurrier from this point in.
Game over. Until next time ...

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