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Robert Lewandowski & The Other Hat-Trick Record Breakers

Lewandowski's incredible 9 minute 5 goal haul broke plenty of records in the Bundesliga. One of them was for the quickest Bundesliga hattrick ever, with Lewandowski netting his first 3 goals in just 4 minutes. As quick as his hat-trick was, are there any quicker out there? Well, it turns out that there's quite a few. Take a look...

Robert Lewandowski - 240 seconds

In just 9 minutes, Lewandowski netted 5 goals, which included a 4 minute hattrick and an incredible bicycle kick for his 5th. He also now holds the record for the quickest 4 and 5 goal haul, as well as being the only substitute to score 5 goals in one Bundesliga game.

Sadio Mané - 176 seconds

Three goals, two of which came from some poor Aston Villa defending, in as many minutes meant that Sadio Mané broke a Premier League record for the fastest hattrick. Great finish for the third, too.

Robbie Fowler - 273 seconds

Fowler held the record for the Premier League's quickest hat-trick for 20 years, with his three goals against Arsenal in 1994 coming in the space of four minutes and 33 seconds.

James Hayter - 140 seconds

Though Mané holds the Premier League's record for the fastest hat-trick, the fastest hat-trick ever in the Football League belongs to ex-Bournemouth striker James Hayter. Coming on as a sub in the 84th minute, Hayter made history with a 140 second hat-trick! What a finish for his third!

Jimmy O'Connor - 133 seconds

By far the oldest entry in this list, this hat-trick from Jimmy O'Connor in 1967 for Shelbourne against Bohemians clocked in at an incredible two minutes and 13 seconds! And every second was all captured in glorious black and white.

Notable mentions

Abdul Hamid Bassiouny - 155 secs

The Egyptian international holds the record for the fastest International hat-trick, completing his hat-trick in a rapid 155 seconds against Namibia in a 2002 World Cup qualifier.

Jose Chilavert - 37 minutes

This is by far the slowest fastest hat-trick on here, but Chilavert definitely deserves to be on this list. Mainly because Chilavert was a goalkeeper. His hat-trick was not only the fastest ever hat-trick scored by a goalkeeper, but also the only hat-trick ever to be scored by a goalkeeper. He dispatched three penalties, on the 45th, 75th, and 85th minute, for his side Velez Sarsfield. Unsurprisingly, Chilavert also features in our unbelievable list of the greatest goalscoring goalkeepers...

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