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FIFA 16 introduces Ultimate Team updates: Fun, Fair & Secure

After trying to figure out how to improve and enhance their most popular game mode while maintaining a fair and secure playing field for gamers, FIFA16 introduces some new FUT updates. The team at FIFA16 have revealed these changes that should enhance the gamers FUT experience making the game mode fun, fairer and more secure. FIFA Community Manager, Chukwuma Morah discusses all of these new ultimate team updates here...

Transfer Market is Back in The Apps

On September 17th, returning, verified FUT 15 players will receive early access to the Web & Mobile apps, enabling trading anytime, anywhere.

Easier To Buy and Sell Players

In FUT 16, price ranges will start much wider, creating a healthy trading experience where players on the Transfer Market remain attainable.

Player Led Economy

New security measures, including split economies across consoles and generations means the FUT economy will remain safe and controlled by you, the players.

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