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Bundesliga Welcomes Refugees in Incredible Initiative

Whilst the rest of Europe argue over what they should and shouldn't do to help the current refugee crisis, Germany has come forward as the shining example of compassion and forward thinking. Unlike so many other countries across Europe who have shirked responsibility during the crisis, Germany has welcomed tens of thousands of refugees with open arms and has taken in more refugees than any other country in Europe. In a heartwarming nationwide initiative, it seems that they have welcomed them into German football too...

As part of an amazing initiative to help refugees assimilate the German culture, clubs throughout the Bundesliga were united in displaying banners to showed their support for asylum seekers. Borussia Dortmund went the extra mile and invited 220 refugees to their Europa league win over Odds FC last week.

Germany have once again proven that they are pioneers when it comes to footballing equality, and have a footballing ethos that few other countries can rival.

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