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Awesome International Third Kit Designs Inspired by Traditional Patterns & Styles

The guys from La Casaca have done it again. During the international break they've taken a shot at creating more traditional looking third kits for different nations, taking inspiration from different features that have become a part of that country's culture.

Argentina 'The Sun of May' Third Kit

Germany's 'Flag Gradient' Third Kit

Mexico's 'Dia de los Muertos' Third Kit

Spain's 'Mosaic' Third Kit

Colombia's 'Coffee Bean' Third Kit

Russian 'Floral Art' Third Kit

Denmark's 'Armor of the Vikings' Third Kit

Japan's 'Samurai Warrior' Third Kit

Nigeria's 'Eagle Feathered' Third Kit

Paraguay's 'Federation Shield' Third Kit

Sweden's 'Dalecarlia Horse' Third Kit

Scotland's 'Tartan' Third Kit

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