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The tradition of the Ajax Entrada

The Ajax Ultras group, VAK410, has a tradition of organising “entradas”, along with members of fellow groups, F-Side, North Up Alliance. The tradition of the entrada officially began in the 2011-2012 season, when members of VAK410 decided that it would be a good idea to conclude the traditional corteo under the bridge of the main entrance leading to the Amsterdam Arena.

Of course the entrada is a South American tradition, but the Ajax faithful have put their own spin on it. Rather than putting their boisterous chants on display while simply entering the ground, the Ajax fans do things in more of a concert style. The Capo and band lead the ultras, and with the combination of flares, smoke, and jumping, its an experience like no other. Sometimes thousands gather under the bridge, even those with out a ticket, just to be a part of this electric atmosphere. Thousands more watch this unique ritual, as it is usually the most passionate of fans who take part.

Last night, as Ajax took on Rapid Vienna to ahead of the Champios League 3rd qualifying round, the VAK410 held their first entrada of the year. Despite the result not going their way, the atmosphere ahead of the game was incredible. The tradition of Ajax’s entrada is just another one of the wonderful traditions that make this supporters group stand out amongst the rest.