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NYCFC: A Thursday in the Bronx

Post by Luca Morganti

There is nothing like getting over a good ol’ embarrassment with a come-from-behind win against the first placed team. Down 1-0 to DC United (my “I guess, since you asked” MLS team until NYCFC existed because I went to school there) at the end of the first half due to poor defensive marking, it looked like business as usual for NYCFC as they continue to hover around 8th place, still miraculously only four points off a playoff position. In the second half, the “big three” – a term we absolutely adore in America – showed up. Villa gave a beautiful lead to fan-favourite Poku, who took the ball down the right side and crossed to the now-kinda-good McNamara to score in front of a wide open net after the DC United keeper made a questionable decision you'll only see in America and children’s soccer.In the 81st minute, Pirlo lobbed a ball perfectly to ]Villa, who forced his way through to score his 14th goal of the season to give us the lead. Villa is playing out of his mind this season. I hope he doesn’t go on loan to Manchester City... Seriously. Poku scored our third in the 88th to calm some nerves, and whoa, we won a game after being crushed on and off the pitch last week! Notably, Poku started and was involved in all three goals. Keep him in. Duh. Also notable was the crowd. After a dismal showing and what I found to be a downplayed response to the severity of fan fighting (the loss of seats, et al.) in New Jersey on Sunday, it was a pleasant surprise to see the fans and team’s response actually link up. Los Templados 12, the band leading the chants from the Supporters Section, were on point all night. Fans followed, trying out new-ish songs a few times! It wasn’t even that weird fuck-you-mixed-section chanting... Other sections genuinely participated! If you’re interested in raising hell and being an asshole, you’re in the wrong century of fandom – and the wrong city. This place was an absolute hell hole for the better part of three decades. In the 90s, it stopped sucking as much. While the billionaires aren’t the best tenants/company, they own our team and they own the City. We don’t have a stadium (and the owners of the one we’re using – also our owners – want us out “sooner rather than later”). The City isn’t going to give a group of 30,000 (about our average attendance), with a thousand or so scumbags, a piece of land anywhere. As supporters, we need to make it easier for the club to establish itself. Part of that is behaving ourselves and acting in a civilised manner. The other is bringing love and support in the stands week in and week out. This week was a start in both respects.

Last week, NYCFC fans had a brawl...