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Rayo Vallecano - Where the Kits Mean More

Rayo Vallecano is one of the smaller teams in La Liga. The club and supporters are known to get involved in social and political issues in Spain and stand up for the values of the people they represent. For Rayo’s largest supporters group, the Bukaneros, the club's link between social issues and football is a natural one - just last year when the club found out that a retired Vallecas resident was facing eviction, the club offered to support her so she could stay in the house she had been living in since the 1960s. The team cares about what’s going on around them and they are showing that this season with their away jerseys. The Rayo Vallecano home jerseys are simple enough, white with a red sash running across the torso from shoulder to hip. But this year, the club chose to wear their colours and show what is important to them in their away and third jerseys. It’s their way of showing what social issues they care about and that they care about the people these issues affect; their supporters and the people in their community. Rayo’s away jersey for the 2015-16 Season are black and feature a rainbow of colours in the sash to represent “los heroes anónimos” (the unsung heroes of the community) who are fighting for social justice in various ways. For each away kit sold, the club is donating 7 Euros to charities representing each cause. The third jersey is grey and features a pink sash as a tribute to those who are fighting cancer. For every third kit sold, the club is donating 5 Euros to the fight against the disease.

Red: for those who fight against AIDSOrange: for those who fight for the integration for people with disabilitiesYellow: for those who never lose hopeGreen: for those who fight to protect the environmentBlue: for those who fight against the mistreatment of childrenPurple: for the fight against domestic violenceThe Rainbow: for those who fight against the discrimination of sexual orientationThe Pink sash on the third jersey: for those who fight against cancer Their slogan this season: “Llevar vuestros colores. Vuestra lucha, vuestro ejemplo seran nuestro espejo y nuestro homenaje”

“Wear your colours. Your fight, your example will be our mirror and our tribute.”

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