Introducing the Copa Collective

Football is at its best when it recognises that it is about the fans - the millions of people who come together around the clubs and communities that the game inspires.

The Copa Collective is our handpicked selection of people who share this belief and are spreading the message to the world. There is a growing movement of bloggers, fans’ rights groups, magazines and fanzines who see a brighter future for football – a future in which fans are not forgotten.

Collectively they represent a global perspective on the world’s game. Despite access to international media being opened up like never before, in the rush to be first to a story, the world’s news organisations present a very narrow view on footballing current affairs. The Copa Collective provides a hub for a truly comprehensive conversation around the stories that matter to supporters, and brings that conversation to an audience of interested and engaged fans.

Through daily posts, Copa90 will house the best writing, photography, design and artwork from the Collective, providing truly local coverage on a global scale.

Check out the Copa Collective here