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In the Eyes of an Ultra - A Sparta Praha Fan video

AC Sparta Prague is the most successful club in Czech football. Their fans have established a reputation for putting on incredible displays of support both home and away. This week they published a unique video, showing what its like to experience a match from the perspective of an Ultra. The lighting of flares, pumping up the crowd, coordinating chants and putting up banners are all classic supporters rituals. Seen from this first person point of view, you can really get a feel for what a rush it can be to play a critical role in creating a great match-day experience.

The Sparta Praha supporters have a traditional fan group that is very much in the Hooligan style. However, this does not take away from their remarkable passion for their team. In the Czech republic, they have a reputation for having one of largest fan groups in the country. This video is from a match against Banic Ostrava, which ended with supporters coming to blows with each other and the police.