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Bradford City's Incredible #OneFourNine Ticket Campaign

Earlier in the summer, Bradford City reaffirmed their commitment to fight against rising tickets for their fans by confirming their impressively low season ticket prices for the upcoming season. In their bid to bring the most value to their fans, the Bantams confirmed that supporters over the age of 16 will pay only £149 for a season ticket. It's an incredibly brave and admirable initiative from the League One side, whose preference to fill the stadium instead of their own pockets shows that there are still clubs trying to run the club in the right way. Through the #OneFourNine hashtag on twitter, fans from Bradford, all over England, and even abroad have all shown their appreciation and support for their club's initiative. We can only hope that more clubs - such as Swansea City last week - follow the example set by the Bantams, and put their fans first.