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BK Frem vs FC St.Pauli: Crowdfunding Fan Alliance

Copenhagen is most known for clubs like FC Copenhagen and Bromby.  However in the Valby-Sydhavnen area of the Danish capital there is a small club with an incredible story named BK Frem.  

Established in 1886, BK is the city's first club. In past years they have struggled to grow as a result of financial difficulties, going bankrupt in 1993. Today, BK’s supporters have a left leaning vibe, and like other clubs across Europe, they have looked to Sankt Pauli for inspiration on how to take back their team.

Last month, BK Frem’s supporters set up a crowdfund with the target of €25,000, this dream will soon be realised as they have managed to bring in just over €33,000, thanks to donations from fans. Frem are a team currently playing in the Danish 2nd division East (tier 3).  Together with their fans, the club organised a match against St.Pauli in order to raise money and awareness of their push to return to the top flight.

This alliance came about thanks to the clubs’ shared set of values. They accept people’s differences and have a social responsibility for their local communities and make a consistent effort to put the fans first.

As the two teams met last Sunday, the supporters exchanged chants, celebrating the occasion.  Red smoke, beer, and sun light adorned the Valby Idrettspark stadium, and the match did not disappoint.  Despite being a summer friendly organized by supporters, the game ended 3-2 featuring two screamers from Sankt Pauli.

There is a wonderful tradition of fan alliances in football.  Particularly in the case of Sankt Pauli, who have a deep connection with Celtic FC, just to name one.  As football teams continue to push for an independant and self sustainable approach in running their clubs, their relationships will continue to become paramount.  So congratulations to BK Frem, we cant wait to see where you can take your club in the next season and beyond!