Benfica's Luisao makes young fan's day by giving him his shirt

Luisao may have been on the losing side in Benfica's friendly match against PSG in Toronto, but the Brazilian defender definitely won off the pitch after the game. An eleven year old fan was desperate for Luisao's autograph as the Benfica team were leaving after the game, but got something way better in the end, Luisao's shirt.

The Benfica defender sadly didn't spot the eleven year old before getting on the bus, but after boarding Luisao spotted the youngster, who was distraught he couldn't get the autograph he was after, and demanded the bus stop so he could see the boy and give him the shirt off his own back.

Just a few weeks after James Rodriguez showed similar gratitude to a young fan for his support, it's great to see some footballers still care.

Obrigado @luisao4oficial 💕 Thank you Luisão yesterday after the Benfica vs PSG game in Toronto you got on your coach bus with your team and looked out the window to see a little boy crying because he wanted your autograph. That boy was my 11 year old brother Lennon, one of your biggest fans. After the bus started moving you (tired, already showered, and ready to go rest) made the driver stop, got off and gave my brother the shirt off your back then boarded the bus once again shirtless all so you could make a child's day! For you this was just a simple act of kindness but for the little boy in this picture it was proof that not all heros wear capes, some wear Benfica jerseys! Obrigado Luisão! @slbenfica NOTE: My little brother cried all the way home. He was so overwhelmed with happiness he could not stop crying. #Benfica #SLB #soccer #luisao #brazil #portugal

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