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The Most Blatant World Cup Handballs Ever

On Saturday, Colombia caused a huge upset in the Women's World Cup with a stunning 2-0 win over third-ranked France. Even though this was one of the biggest upsets in Women's World Cup history, one of the main talking points was the blatant handball by Colombian midfielder Daniela Montoya. Incredibly, the handball was not given as a foul (which would have resulted in a penalty to France) and Colombia went on to finish the match with a clean sheet. It was a pretty obvious handball, but it doesn't come anywhere near these blatant handballs over the years...

Montoya's audacious handball

Luis Suarez's handball that saved Uruguay

Bruna's handball that wasn't given as a foul!

Maradona's unforgettable 'Hand of God' vs England

Jeong Yeonga's crazy catch

Thierry Henry's infamous handball that knocked out Ireland

Mario Kempes' great piece of goalkeeping

What do you think is the most blatant handball ever?