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Stories from the Terraces: International Matches & Lower League Celebrations

This week’s stories from the terraces are significantly more international than past editions. With Europe’s major leagues gone and done with for the season, International matches, fan celebrations, and lower division games make up the majority of top level football around the world. The choreographies put on display by fans this week, ranged from the political, to a bit of clever banter.

North Ireland fans went mental at half time against Romania. The Northern Irish have a history of great national team support. The match ended in a draw, leaving North Ireland second, just one point behind Romania. As the group stages draw closer to their end, it looks as though both team will qualify.

Northern Ireland fans going mental at half time against Romania yesterday.

Posted by Football Away Days on Sunday, 14 June 2015

Ireland v Scotland fans sing we hate England more you. Both of these nations have a history of rebellion against the English, and this bit of banter is reminiscent of the historically relevant nature of international fixtures.

Irish fans to Scottish fans"We hate England more than you"

Posted by It's a Ultra life on Saturday, 13 June 2015

Amidst the festivities, this Scottish hero climbed through a window to recover a ball that fans had been kicking about before. That moment he turns up with the ball is like Raffiki presenting Simba in the Lion King…

Modern Hero :) Scottish fan fetches the ball booted through the window while playing football in the streets of Dublin....

Posted by Infoazionariatopopolarecalcio on Sunday, 14 June 2015

This weekend, Bosnia played its first ever home match against Israel. Given the history of ethnic tensions in Bosnia, and the current political climate in Israel the match was always going to be tense. Before and during the game, Bosnian fans chanted pro Palestinian slogans. Fortunately, there were no major instances of violence, besides the booing of the Israeli national anthem. In the end, Bosnia defeated Israel 3-1 on the pitch; likely reducing any potential post match tensions.

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Paraguayan football doesn’t typically make it to stories from the terraces. However, this weekend’s match between Guarani and Olimpia, was host to one of the strangest, and most unsportsmanlike instances in supporters history. Olimpia’s away supporters managed to break into the Stadium, stealing several trophies from Guaran’s collection. The match went on, as the Olimpia faithful celebrated with their rival’s trophies, eventually throwing them on the pitch

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German football has consistently proven to be the best place to see a great atmosphere in a game. From the highest to lowest divisions, fan groups have a stake in their club. This close relationship breed a level of creativity and fandom unlike anywhere else in the world. In the lower divisions (so low that we can’t quite work out where), fans show out of a miniscule derby! Just check out the intricacy of their performances, as Laubusch took on Lauta, in a small but clearly extremely passionate fixture.

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Swedish football is back, and it’s the greatest thing ever! This weekend saw two of the biggest fixtures in the country, as Hammarby took on Goteborg, and Malmo faced Djurgarden. Both home and away supporters put on memorable displays, reminding us of just how fervently alive supporters culture is there.

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Hellas Verona Fans Celebrate their group’s end of the year party in unique style to say the least. For over a decade, the Hellas faithful have been coming together to put on this festival. Known as the Coppa Cobram, the tradition originates from a classic Italian comedy, called “Fantozzi Contro Tutti”.

Curva Sud party (Hellas Verona) yesterday#CoppaCobram

Posted by It's a Ultra life on Sunday, 14 June 2015

Barcelona’s Biris Norte celebrated their supporters group’s 40th anniversary on a boat this weekend. The famed Catalan supporters group had much to celebrate, as their team won the treble this year. The tradition of water front pyro displays seem to have become common place this year, with similar shows coming from Zenit, amongst others.

Deportivo Cali took on Independiente Medellin in the Columbian Liga Aquila finals at the weekend. This drone footage from the recebimiento ahead of the game is increadible. The tradition of great choreographies, has become quite common in Colombia, however this perspective is something we have rarely seen, from anywhere in the world.