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Norwegian Women's Team's Hilarious Mockumentary on Stereotypes

NRK, Norway's largest media organisation, have released an amazing mockumentary on the stereotypes that surround Women's football. The satirical 'documentary' features such Norwegian Women's national team players as Trine Rønning, Emilie Haavi and Cathrine Dekkerhus, who all take their turn to express their struggles and disappointments with the game. From admitting to not knowing the offside rule to wanting to use tees to get the ball off the ground, the Norwegian players absolutely nail their deadpan interviews. Their remarks are made even funnier when considered with the appreciation of just how good the football has been at this year's Women's World Cup. There have been some outstanding goals already, and the competition is hotting up nicely as the teams advance into the knockout stages. 

Take a look at the amazing video here..