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Napoli Ultras Bless Wedding

Guest post by Joe Bradley

A couple’s choice between hiring live band or a DJ for their wedding was rendered obsolete by a group of Napoli fans recently. Eschewing traditional convention, a group of Ultras decided to form their own choir, complete with flares and football songs, as their way to bless the occasion. Holding a banner saying "Brigata Carolina" or Caroline's Brigade (named after the bride) the mood of the crowd was full of love and support.Like in many other places across the globe, football is a vital part of the Neapolitan cultural identity. So much so that some identify themselves so deeply with the club that it permeates into almost every aspect of their lives.

Along with these raucous weddings, the Neapolitan Ultra community has its own formative rights of passage and such a strong sense of internal loyalty that. If you become popular enough, you will be remembered in spectacular style when you’re gone.

Fan groups provide their members with a social structure and a strong feeling of community. Despite the association between Ultras and violent altercations, gestures of love and support such as this video happen all the time. We went to Naples to learn about the deep connection between a club, a city, and its people: