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Greatest Goalscoring Goalkeepers of All Time

Sao Paulo goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni has entered the record books once again. His 128th goal meant the 42 year old now features in the Sao Paulo's top 10 goalscorers of all time! The legendary goalscoring goalkeeper, once again extended his world record for the most goals scored by a goalkeeper in the history of football. Ceni is undoubtedly the most clinical in this list of the greatest goalscoring goalkeepers in football history. These goalies have been so effective in front of goal, you won’t find Peter Schmeichel anywhere near the top 3 on this list (and he scored 13 goals!).

Rogerio Ceni - 128 goals

We just had to start with the one and only Rogerio Ceni. An extraordinarily prolific career that has spanned 22 years. Still at the club he first joined as a professional, Ceni has taken the penalties and close-range free-kicks for Sao Paulo for almost 2 decades and has amassed a goal tally that most striker would be proud of!

José Luis Chilavert - 67 goals

Though Ceni is the best goalscoring goalkeeper, he’s not the first. José Luis Chilavert, who has 67 goals for club and country, began his career 8 years earlier than Ceni. Before Ceni was king of the goalscoring goalkeepers, that crown belonged to Chilavert. The net-busting Paraguayan, who is the first and only goalkeeper to have scored a hattrick, was a specialist in free-kicks and often took penalties. Nicknamed ‘The Bulldog’, he was just as renowned for his temper as he was for ability in front of goal - he’s even exchanged blows with Faustino Asprilla and Diego Maradona!

René Higuita - 44 goals

Perhaps the most well-known goalkeeper in this list, René Higuita made sensational headlines for his goals as well as his saves. Though most fans may associate Higuita more with his famous ‘scorpion’ kick save, Higuita was prolific in front of goal too, scoring from penalties and free kicks for his clubs and the Colombian national side. His ‘sweeper keeper’ style of play would put Neuer to shame, as his adventurous dribbles and defending out of his box changed the traditional restricted responsibility afforded to goalkeepers.


However, our favourite goal scored by a goalkeeper is Tolo Barceló’s spectacular effort for Alcudia against Mallorca B in the second division. The goalie only went and nailed an OVERHEAD KICK!!! Zlatan eat your heart out!

What is your favourite goal scored by a goalkeeper? If there were any that we missed, let us know in the comments!