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Cristiano Ronaldo has his own Galaxy

Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer just a mere megastar. Scientists at the University of Lisbon have now decided to name a newly discovered galaxy after him. The galaxy, entitled CR7, is a cheeky nod to his shirt number and personal brand.

That’s right, when we next peer through our telescopes and marvel at the wonders of creation, or look up at the stars and ponder if anyone is out there we will have our answer. It’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

The furthest football has reached so far is probably a short game conducted at the International Space Station but the possibilities of where football can reach are almost endless. Maybe it’s just us, but we’re hoping that if we find aliens on CR7 they will be really good at football. First ever Inter-Planetary Cup anyone?

This also finally gives Ronaldo something where he has the edge on Lionel Messi, (apart from perhaps heading and posing for the camera). We wonder if Lionel Messi and his fans will respond with a galaxy of their own? As if loosing the Balon d’Or wasn’t enough.

Earlier this year, Jose Mourinho joked on the idea that football should be Played on the Moon. This led us to speculate on the idea of adapting football to space. Now that the football world has a galaxy named after one of its greatest players, we have another reason to believe that science fiction could one day become a reality.