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Viktoria Plzen dedicate title win to Cisovsky, teammate with ALS

With two games still remaining in the Czech league, Viktoria Plzen sealed the league title on Monday with a 2-0 win against Vysocina Jihlava. After the match, the Czech champions did not celebrate the title for themselves. Instead, they dedicated it to their teammate and friend, Marian Cisovsky. Cisovsky, who is suffering from motor neurone disease ALS, was brought on to the stage during the celebrations.  Surrounded by his teammates on the stage and his fans in the stands, Cisovsky received applause and chants from everyone in the stadium. 

Afterwards, the manager Miroslav Koubec said he would trade in the success for his player's health - "I am a hard man, but I'm tearful for Marian. If I could give up the title that I waited 32 years for his health, I would do so immediately."