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Players Leading Fan Chants

The relationship with footballers and supporters is an odd one.  The supporters are there to support the colours of their club, and motivate the players to perform.  Sometimes this leads to friction, but at other times it can be the birth of deep affection.  Here are some of the best demonstrations of this love.  We bring you the top Player led Fan Chant.

Raul launching chants with Ultras Sur in Madrid

Abate, Pato and Gattuso chant after the Scudetto

Raja Casablanca players and supporters after the derby

Galatasaray do this a lot...

Alejandro Bedoya making American football fans proud, leading Nantes fans in an 'I Believe That We Will Win'

And last but certainly not least, we have the best supporters in England: FC United of Manchester

What is your favourite player led fan chant?