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Memphis Depay: Dream, Believe, Achieve

PSV today announced that their young superstar Memphis Depay will be joining Manchester United at the end of the season. It is not a surprise to see Depay reach these heights at such a young age, as he has always impressed on the pitch since his debut for PSV in 2011. While his talent has clearly helped him progress in his career, it is his attitude that really makes Memphis stand out from the crowd. He wouldn't say "I'm a dream chaser" for nothing...

We caught up with Depay last year with Adidas and got to know more about this footballing prodigy. He started playing football at only 6 months old and quickly established himself as a talented youngster. It wasn't long until he left his small local side Moordrecht to join PSV at the tender age of 12, and it was here where he blossomed into one of the most promising teenage talents in world football.

For his family and friends, his rise to the top was inevitable given Memphis' determination to succeed - "When I look in the mirror, I get motivated because I know I am not yet where I want to be". It says a lot about his character that he refuses to rely on his talent alone to fulfil his dreams. A big influence in Depay's life was his grandfather, whose death had a huge impact on him. Instead of being put off though, it only strengthened his resolve and drive to make it to the top. "At that moment, I thought 'I've got to go for it' " he said, and he more than kept to his word.

After securing the Eredivisie with PSV, Memphis is now on his way to Manchester United, and his aspirations are as high as ever. He's only 21, but he's already well on his way to becoming a global superstar, thanks to his relentless drive to be the best.