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John Oliver Criticises Sepp Blatter In Latest Rant

Last night John Oliver gave his second criticism of FIFA on his weekly program Last Week Tonight.  The presidential election will be held on May 29th in Zurich at the 65th FIFA Congress.  Thus far there are four candidates; Sepp Blatter, Luis Figo, Michael van Praag and Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein.

As the election comes to a head, questions have arisen over the human rights record of the Qatar World Cup, FIFA transparency, and the adding more teams to the World Cup tournament itself. Sepp Blatter has thus far refused to be questioned over the election process, as well as any invitation to participate in an open debate with the other candidates.

The consensus seems to be that he will be successful in his bid, despite open criticism from major figures in the football world.  Last week ESPN’s E:60 series came out with a documentary on Sepp’s legacy of corruption

Last year John Oliver figuratively broke the internet with his open criticism of the organizing of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  His video has played a major role in making Americans conscious of the morally questionable practices of FIFA

If you are interested in making a change in FIFA, and campaigning for a more ethical and transparent football body, please look into the following campaigns:

If you are aware of any other campaigns, please suggest them in the comments below: