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FIFA Celebrations in Real Life

Paul Aguilar celebrated his stunning goal against Guadalajara with a celebration that a lot of us recognised from FIFA15. He's the not the first to do this though...

Here are some more glorious examples of FIFA celebrations done in real life!

Aguilar's 'Muévelo' celebration

Jimmy Briand's 'Dead Fish' celebration

Denilson's 'Head Shake' celebration

Jimmy Bullard's 'Telling Off' celebration

Everyone's 'Gangnam Style' celebration

Reus & Ronaldo's 'Ai Se Eu Te Pego' celebration

Giroud's 'Chicken Dance' celebration

Downing's 'Double Arm Swing' celebration

Ronaldo's 'Stay Calm' celebration

Bas Savage's 'Moonwalk' celebration

Matt Taylor's 'The Worm' celebration

And finally, Kidiaba's 'Bum Dance' celebration

What's your favourite FIFA celebration?