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Best Superclásico Entrances... Boca Juniors vs River Plate

The Superclassico is the fixture of fixtures.  Many of footballs biggest stars have been propelled themselves to legendary status after a great performances in this game.  River Plate are nicknamed “Los Milionarios” (millionares) and Boca Juniors’ are known as the Xeniezes, named after the Genovese migrants of the 1920s.  The show that the fan groups (known locally as Barra Bravas) put on during this match is unparalleled.  Boca’s barra, La Doce, and Rivers’ barra, Los Borrachos del Tablon, both have a reputation for passion, colour, and in extreme cases, violence.  In South America, the choreography and songs put on disply by fans at the beginning of a match is called Recibimiento.

Last night was the second Superclassico in the last week as River Plate took the lead 1-0.  Next week the Argentine giants will clash again in the second leg of the Libertadores Playoffs.  With all the excitement surrounding this fixture, we decided to take a look back and show how they have celebrated the Superclassico over the last 5 years.  But the question is, who has the better fanbase?

River Plate Supporers at the Copa Sud Americana Semi final in 2014:

2013 Apertura with river fans singing their antherm: ‘Vamos vamos vamos Millionarios’.

River - Boca in the 2010 Apertura. This wide view gives you an appreciation of just how breath taking walking into the Monumental can be…

Last week’s Superclassico from inside La Doce. The goose bump inducing drums as the banner covers the supporters gives you an idea of how visceral this experience can be.

In the 2014 Copa Sud Americana first leg, Boca welcomed the players into the grounds using sparklers, cell phones, and flares to bring their stands alight.

When Boca and River clashed in 2013, following River’s relegation and promotion to and from the second division, the Boca faithful sang them this song: