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5 Reasons Jurgen Klopp Will Always Be Adored At Dortmund

At the end of this Bundesliga season, Jurgen Klopp will bid a teary farewell to his beloved Borussia Dortmund. His coaching career at Dortmund has undoubtedly been a success and, even including this disappointing season, Klopp has provided the footballing world with unforgettable highlights. He will be remembered by not just Dortmund fans but football fans all over the world for his unbounded exuberance, infectious enthusiasm, and undoubted talent. Here are the five things that define Jurgen Klopp during his time at BVB...

1. His love for his players

Klopp has always had an extremely close relationship with those players who have fought for him week in, week out. The likes of Hummels, Kehl & Kagawa have all openly declared their love for Jurgen and the feeling is definitely mutual (especially with Shinji).

2. His love for the fans

It's not just his players, when you're manager of a team like BVB they expect more than just a guy on the touchline. They expect a manager who is as passionate as them about football, that's Klopp.

3. His celebrations

Everyone in the world loves Klopp's iconic celebrations, his passion overflows as a manager and it's almost as if he doesn't know how he's going to celebrate it just happens. Check out Jurgen's 10 greatest celebrations.

4. His sense of humour

Jurgen Klopp is a special kind of manager. One that brings a refreshing honesty and a lot of laughs. Klopp press conference seats are possibly the hottest ticket in town. You never know what he's going to come out with! Check out Klopp's Greatest Quotes

5. His success

Klopp will leave BVB this summer with plenty of fond memories. CL Final, back to back Bundesliga titles and a DFB Pokal. It's great being a character but you have to know what you're doing. Klopp knows what he's doing.