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When football clubs have won on Twitter.

The increase in social media activity surrounding football has resulted in some golden moments off the pitch. This week another one of these moments occurred, as Charlton gave the best possible response to the news that Bournemouth had basically, kind of, almost reached the Premier League. 

With Bournemouth chasing the last automatic promotion spot on equal points with Middlesborough, Bournemouth needed a win last night to all but seal the 2nd spot due to a far superior goal difference. As Bournemouth won 3-0 to all but seal their place in the 'Promised Land' (barring a 19 goal swing), Charlton, their opponents this weekend, tweeted a warning to Bournemouth that quickly went viral.

So, in light of Charlton's moment of magic, here are six other examples of clubs winning on twitter...

1. LA Galaxy vs Everton Troll

The exchange began innocently enough, with LA Galaxy wishing the Evertonian a ‘happy birthday’. Things soon turned sour as the Toffees fan claimed that Everton would wipe the floor with the US side, and wished that they be relegated. Rising admirably above the virtual mudslinging however, the LA Galaxy twitter account simply explained that relegation is an impossibility for them, which is more than can be said for Everton at the moment.

2. Southampton FC play cupid.

Over the span of two games, Southampton acted as a matchmaker by helping a loved-up fan meet his dream girl who was sat only a few seats away from him. Tim Cole initially tweeted the club asking whether they could give him the name of the girl who was “giving him the eyes”. After several failed attempts to spark up a conversation with her, Southampton intervened by putting flowers and a Bovril voucher on his chair to give to her during their match against Arsenal. One selfie later from Tim, and Southampton wrapped up the New Year’s tale tweeting:

3. Man City, Roma and Totti.

In the lead up to their Champions League tie against Roma, Manchester City’s twitter account had some light-hearted fun at the expense of Roma and their captain Francesco Totti. Citing Totti’s goalscoring record in England, Man City rhetorically asked Roma whether Totti had ever scored in England. Roma finished the night with their twitter dignity in tact, as they returned home with a draw and Totti on the scoresheet. As a final kick in the ribs, Roma then taunted City for the return leg, citing their opponent’s poor record in Italy. City would have the last laugh though, as two months later City claimed a 2-0 win at the Stadio Olimpico to secure their place in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

4. Tony Fernandes, QPR owner

After one Rangers fan admitted that he couldn’t afford a QPR season ticket, Tony Fernandes seemed more than happy to buy him one for the next season. In response to a tweet from Jay Mills, Tony Fernandes, the owner and chairman of QPR, said that he would be more than happy to pick up the cost of next year’s season ticket. Though it is rare for the owner of a Premier League club to interact with the fans, Tony Fernandes showed that board members and fans can get along. In spite of QPR’s relegation to the Championship that year, this generous exchange on twitter provided a rare highlight for the West London side!

5. Hyde FC

This Conference North side from Greater Manchester is a bit different from other lower league clubs. Due to their humorous twitter account, Hyde FC have become tremendously popular amongst twitter-mad football fans.  From giving their trialists names from Game of Thrones to mocking themselves, Man United, and even Brazil, Hyde FC offer an array of hilarious tweets that garners them Premier League levels of coverage on Twitter. Providing live updates mocking their own team, funny cultural references, and transfer window banter, Hyde FC are a must-follow for any football fan. Hyde FC’s twitter account always comes up with so much comedy gold that it’s tough to show all of them, so here is one of our favourites, left wing revolutionary trialists.

6. Reading and Bolton

Our final twitter win is courtesy of Reading FC’s twitter account. As previously seen with Man City and Roma, sometimes the pre-match interaction between clubs can leave one side with egg on their face come the final whistle. Reading FC managed to avoid the pre-match humiliation from Bolton Wanderers by posting a very childish but very amusing riposte. After some jovial toing and froing between the two clubs, they reverted to the renowned playground-style of arguing. Admit it, we’ve all done it at one point!

Have we missed any examples of clubs nailing twitter? Tweet us @Copa90!