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Top 10 Greatest Football video Games of All-Time

Everyone has a favourite football video game, which brings back those incredible memories of hours and hours wasted trying to score that worldie. Here's our list of the greatest ever football video games...

10. Super Mario Strikers

Super Mario Strikers is the quintessential arcade sports game, it may lack depth in terms of a single player offering but the multiplayer is hugely entertaining with tight controls and manic gameplay.

9. FIFA International Soccer (1993)

Not only was FIFA International Soccer where it all began for the now dominant EA Sports franchise, you could also run away from the referee. Endless fun.

8. This is Football 2002 (2001)

Deliberate dives, two footed challenges & Rio Ferdinand on the cover... What more do you want from a video game?! Looking back at This is Football's commentary brings back so many memories.

7. RedCard (2002)

The most lethal tackling in virtual football. Ever. Easily. RedCard has gone down in folklore of football video gaming. Unlike FIFA and others it definitely didn't take itself too seriously and was applauded because of it. Genius game.

6. Sensible Soccer (1992)

A classic. The most famous of the early football video games had to be in this list. Sensible soccer is as straight forward as it gets, the perfect early football video game.

5. International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution

Purposely hilarious player names & superb gameplay really set ISS above the competition. Scoring screamers with Rivaldho or Batustita was the pinnacle. Ahh the memories...

4. FIFA 12 (2011)

Unreal gameplay engine and graphics. FIFA 12 was the true start of FIFA's dominance in every field, so much so that FIFA 13 was almost a carbon copy. This game set the standard for the modern FIFA game.

3. FIFA Road to World Cup 98 (1997)

What a game. Indoor matches, world cup edition & unbelievable commentary... this game had it all.

2. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (2004)

When PES was at its best. PES 4 is an incredible football video game, which was and still is heralded as one of the best football video games to play with mates. Just think of the amount of hours you spent on PES 4...

1. FIFA Street (2005)

Our number one. Insanely cool street pitches, outrageous skills and vicious battles this game is virtual street football at it's best. A game for the avid FIFA fans and those who never really played football games. Deserved winner in our eyes.

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What's your favourite ever football video game? Comment below!