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The Weekend Round Up: Giovinco's Dallas Double & Collins' Howler...

This weekend proved a few things... Giovinco is the most relaxed goalscorer you've ever seen, Collins is a great finisher (just at the wrong end), some football clubs still care about their fans and Shay Given is odd.

Unreal own goal from Collins

Sensational. The most perfectly struck lob you will ever see, by a defender. Sadly for James Collins it was up the wrong end.

Err... Shay what are you doing?

It the semi final of the FA Cup at Wembley, you're 15 minutes away from reaching the final and there's a stoppage in play... what do you do? If you're Shay Given there's only one thing to do.

Lovely story from Leicester City

This story via Reddit is incredible. It's great to see that certain clubs do still care about their fans more than just making more money out of them. Well done Leicester City.

Giovinco making the MLS look easy

It's fair to say the pocket sized Italian is enjoying his time in Toronto. Two of the most outrageously cool finishes you will see for a while.

PSV Players Lead Celebrations

Amazing scenes from Eindhoven this weekend as their players lead the fans in celebrating PSV winning the Eredivisie this weekend.

Derby della Madonnina Tifo Display

At the Derby della Madonnina this weekend, the supporters of both sides put on a spectacle that reminded us why we love the Serie A. As the match drew closer, both clubs let their colours fly.  The Inter ‘Boys’ took up all three rings of the curva nord.  The banners read ‘Now the sky turns blue and black. The boys of the north are here.’  The curve is connected by a rendering of the Milan’s famed ‘Castello Sforzesco.

On the south side, AC Milan unveiled a banner spanning the entire second tier. The choreography depicts the city’s famed monuments, including the Duomo, the statue of Garibaldi, the church of San Giovanni, the Castello Sforzesco, and Porta Nuova burning behind the ‘Diavolo Rossonero’.  The banner below reads ‘Mediolanum’, the latin name for Milan, meaning midlands.

Check out the greatest every Derby della Madonnina tifo displays here

What was your highlight of the weekend?