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The Greatest Derby della Madonnina Tifos

This derby has less at stake than previous encounters. Milan and Inter are both lingering in the middle of the table with little to know hope of qualifying for European competition next season. The supporters groups of both clubs have been boycotting matches and protesting against management, and the quality on the pitch simply isn’t what it used to be. However, here is a look at some of the best supporter displays throughout the history of the Derby della Madonnina:In the 1997/1998 season, AC Milan Fans referenced the history of the city.  The banners are crests of the city's most important families, with Milan in the middle, established in 1899.

After winning the Scudetto and the champions league final the previous year AC Milan fans welcomed the Inter faithful with this reference to the "Scream".  The banner below says "Interista you will go mad!"

In anticipation for the 2005 Champions Quarter finals the Inter Ultras referenced the board game "Risk", with the writing: "Objective, defeat the reds and conquer Europe".

In the same match, AC Milan supporters responded with the word "Casciavit".  A dialectic term for screw driver, which was used by Inter fans to describe Milan supporters and their origins as a working class club.  Below is a quote from the club's founder Herbert Kiplin, "Red like fire... black like your fear".

Inter fans used the first derby after the dramatic 2005 Champions League final loss to Liverpool to poke fun at their neighbours...

In 2006 AC Milan fans responded by re-purposing a quote by Dante Allighieri. "Let the trophy never go to those lost people in blue in black, for they will always be the prey of mockery and delusion".

After winning the treble in the 2008/2009 season Inter fans used the following derby to send the message that is would haunt their neighbours for years to come.

This beautiful choreography is a reference to the golden Madonna that sits atop the Duomo of Milan.  The derby is named after this statue as well.