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Funniest Football April Fools'

It’s not even midday on the 1st April and some of the world’s football clubs have already gotten into the April Fools’ spirit by releasing their own pranks. Arsenal and Man City have both dedicated time during the international break to having one last laugh before the domestic leagues restart this weekend. We’ve taken a look at some of the best April Fool’s pranks pulled off by football clubs here and abroad. Which is your favourite? Stay tuned for more as we update this page throughout the day, and tell us in the comments if we’ve missed any!

Manchester City

City have gone April Fools’ mad, having already released two different prank videos! Take a look at how City pulled these off!

1st - The first is a hilarious ‘Worst Referee’ prank. Referees in the Premier League haven’t received many plaudits for their performances this season, but City have shown just how bad a referee can be. Imagine having this guy ref the games at 3pm on Saturday!

2nd -  City’s second prank targets their own stars, as Frank Lampard and Bacary Sagna among others get pranked by their own Chappy in disguise. Donning a ginger beard and a repair man’s outfit, watch the City players’ reactions!


Arsenal FC teamed up with Puma to confuse the football world into thinking that they have designed a new football just for left-footed players! The conception of their left-footed football is actually quite convincing, with serious-looking interviews with Mesut Özil, Santi Cazorla and Nacho Monreal. Funny prank though it is, right footed players might seriously appreciate the help it could give their left foot!

Orlando City

Orlando show that the US love a bit of April Fools banter claiming to have installed a purple pitch ahead of their game against DC United. Not going to lie, it would be pretty cool.


Football Manager 15

Football clubs aren’t the only ones in the sporting world having a go at April Fools’. Football Manager 15 have piled in with a hilarious prank of their own; fooling users into thinking their club’s board had given them £500 million to spend on transfer, only to then deny them at the last second with a cheeky message. Top banter from Sports Interactive!!

Not only are Football Manager at it 'in-game' they've also released a questionable video showing their apparent 'Manager Motion Capture' feature for next year's edition. We're not too sure though... what do you reckon?

BBC 606

Well we were all waiting for Heskey to be involved in April Fools Day, and 606 made it happen! With Sturridge out for Liverpool, lets be honest there is only one man good enough to replace him, Emile.

Have we missed any? Leave us a comment below!