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5 of the Greatest Ever Football Management Games

5. Football Manager 2005

The first Football Manager after the split from CM. FM 2005 really gave early indications of how Sports Interactive were going to own this space for years to come. The level of detail was second to none & everyone remembers them little round icons doing things you never thought was even possible! Beautiful game.

4. Premier Manager 98

Long before the detailed player attributes of Football Manager there was Premier Manager. A game which simply ranked players by a star rating. As simple as it gets & its simplicity was the games charm. Not only that Premier Manager 98 was one of the first management games to have a 3D match engine for highlights (albeit the same highlight for every single goal, penalty etc.).

3. LMA Manager 2003

For us the best of the LMA bunch. Codemasters answer to CM/FM was up there. Really simple, no messing game which focused 'managing your team' and with a fantastic match engine, LMA Manager 2003 really impressed.

2. Football Manager 2012

Out of the newest Football Manager's the edition which took the biggest leap forward in terms of quality and realistic additions had to be 2012. More tactical control & new ways to try out tactics and playing styles. Gold.

1. Championship Manager 2001/02

The ultimate. You may not be able to set your DM as a regista, but who cares when you've got Mark Kerr dictating the play and Taribo West as the rock at the back? No one that's who. Back in a time where almost every players had stories of triumph against the odds, as players became fixated with taking their local side right to the top, the way management games should be.

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