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Bendtner is officially a Lord!

Ask the man himself and he will tell you that he has been a Lord for years. The affectionate title, though used mockingly by fans, has stuck with him since its inception on Twitter. We can mock no longer though as now, officially, Nicklas Bendtner is a Lord.


The Wolfsburg striker was gifted recently 1 square foot of land in the Glencoe Wood Nature Reserve in Scotland. The land, bought by the Danish magazine SE Og HOR, is registered in Bendtner’s name, and it has been received well by Bendtner’s camp. Elisa Lykke, the Dane’s PR agent, said “We have seen it, and Nicklas thinks it’s a fun gimmick”.

For Bendtner’s next celebration, don’t be surprised if he wants his teammates to kiss his boot.

Image via Highland Titles