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Alex De Souza testimonial match and vanishing spray tribute

Former Brazil international and Fenerbahçe legend Alex De Souza had his name sprayed onto the pitch during his testimonial on Saturday by the referee of all people! The 37-year old, who after 8 years at Fenerbahçe became a club legend, was about to take a free kick when the referee used his vanishing spray to write out his name ‘Alex’ as a tribute.

During his farewell match for Palmeiras, De Souza received applause from fans and players alike, and the fact that the referee thought it necessary to pay his own tribute to the ex-Brazil captain demonstrates how highly he is regarded in Brazil and Europe. Not only did was De Souza a great playmaker during his time at Fenerbahçe, but his goalscoring record from attacking midfield is very impressing. It is even more impressive to see how many of these goals were absolute screamers, as you can see in the following video!