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Stuttgart fans console players after loss.

If you haven't yet seen it yet, this is magnificent. Stuttgart were 2-1 down heading into the final minutes of the game when 18 year old defender Timo Baumgartl gave the ball away for Dortmund to score (what would end up being) the decider as Dortmund finished 3-2 winners.

After the game you see the real beauty of the Bundesliga. In Germany, the players and fans have as close a connection as you'll find in world football. After the final whistle, the Stuttgart players go over to their fans to thank them for support. However, it is actually the fans who console the players, and particularly Baumgartl. Hats off to the Stuttgart fans.

Have you ever experienced scenes like this at your club? Do you wish your club was more like this? Leave us a comment below!