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Ultimate Christmas Weekend - Behind the Scenes in Munich

Our search for the Ultimate Christmas Weekend lead us to Munich.

We figured the Germans are pretty good at getting into the Holiday spirit, so the team of Tom Pryce (producer), Benty (shooter/editor), Tim (social chap), Kai and myself headed to Bavaria.

You can’t come to Germany and not enjoy the beer. So we checked out the Hofbraeuhaus beer hall, they had an oompa band smashing out some banging tunes, waiters running around with plates with giant pork knuckles covered in gravy and happy Germans clinking steins everywhere. So we joined in and guzzled down one of their oversized beers.

In the streets of Munich the Gluhwein began to pour, and our festive suspicions were confirmed as we immediately found a floating Santa.

Here’s Benty! He’s just been caught filming some fabulous cutaways. Guilty.

Our lodgings for this trip were booked through AirBnB and we ended up with this ground floor flat. The host, Jan, gave us a brief but cheery briefing and left us a handful of German lagers. What it lacked in furniture it made up for in wide, pointless open space. Plenty of room for activities. After fashioning a ball from an 1860 scarf and a sock we had a game of 1v1 in the largest room. Benty walked away with the title thanks to some ultra defensive tactics after a hotly contested tournament.

The next day we headed off to the Allianz Arena which was an early start for the team, Here’s Kai having a little nap on the U-Bahn.

We turned up at the stadium, it was pretty impressive in the early morning light. We filmed some links and enjoyed the sunshine.

Once the team heard Copa90 had arrived they rushed out to meet us and even let us have a picture with them, with Tim giving Neuer a cheeky kiss on the cheek.

If you want to see the result of what we got up to on our trip, or want some tips for your own weekend in Munich, check out our Ultimate Christmas Weekend article here!