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The Portland Timbers: The Best Tifos From The MLS Cup Champions

Last night Portland Timbers finally managed to put themselves at the top of the MLS, long after their Ultra supporters group, The Timber Army, established themselves as the leagues best fans. The Timber Army, fans who are renowned for there fanatical support of a team that tend to under perform, were sent into raptures as they won the MLS Cup for the first time, the team giving a performance to match the support they have received in recent years.

The Timbers Army have a reputation for being the best supporters in North America, and they have a fantastic back catalogue of tifos to back this statement up. Just this year they have dazzled opposing teams and fans with their tifos both at Providence Park and on the road as they fought their way to the MLS final. From individual player shout outs to team encouragement the Timber Army have lit up the stands all season, and now they have won the cup, they really have something to shout about.

The Best 2015 Timbers Army Tifos

The tifo for the semifinal versus FC Dallas was another highlight from the stands as the Timber Army showed both wit and creativity when using the specially designed pully system at the North End stand of their Providence Park home ground.


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