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Exclusive interview with In Search Of camera man: Jack Hoyle

After seeing the world through the eyes of the Beautiful Game, we sat down with camera man Jack Hoyle to get the scoop on what it was like to be behind the scenes on Eli’s In Search Of global tour.

What is your history with Copa90?

We go way back, I began working at Copa90 nearly four years ago when the channel first started and worked full time with them for three years in a whole host of roles but most recently as a senior shooter/editor, it's been a hell of a ride since, with countless continents, countries and cities in between, all in the name of football. It's been really humbling to see the growth of Copa90 and be a part of telling these amazing stories all over the world.

What were your expectations ahead of the In Search Of adventure?

I was expecting the trip of a life time and to experience football in places I otherwise might not have got to visit, what I got was so much more, I can honestly say I had some of the highest highs in my life over those six weeks and a massive part of that was down the countless people we met along the way, they made the seemingly endless flights and sleepless nights totally worth it.

What most surprised you?

I think we are spoilt with the quality of football in England, maybe not when it comes to pricing but at any given time you can watch some of the highest quality football in the world, This can sometimes make us, as football fans a little bit lazy, I'm not sure 'surprised' is quite the right word but I found myself really enamored with the fans in places like Delhi and Singapore where the quality of the football isn't as high but the people at the games and in the bars have one of the purest passions for the game that I have ever seen.

What is something about global football culture that you think people will learn from the candidates?

I really hope that we managed to capture and show the viewers not only the passion in these countries but how football all over the world can bring family, friends and strangers together and unite them over one game, no matter where you are from, as football fans we have a common ground.

What moment from this trip most stuck with you?

This is one of the most difficult questions you could ask, to summarise six weeks in one experience is tough, there are countless memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life, from the Charity projects in Colombia and Kenya to Thanksgiving in Queens to name a few, I think If I have to pick one it has to be welcome from Igal and his friends at the airport in Chile, we where on our last legs after a long flight and coming out of the airport to that amazing chaos was like an adrenalin shot.