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Celtic Pub Attack

A Celtic bar boss says he is happy to be alive as he relived the moment Ajax hooligans battered him after trying to storm his pub.

Neil O’Donnell, who runs the Hoops Bar, needed surgery to insert steel plates in his face after suffering several fractures to his face when the Ajax fans ran riot and got involved in street brawls with Celtic fans in Glasgow last week.

CCTV captured that around 40 or 50 Ajax hooligans stormed the pub and attacked the Celtic supporters.

Mr O’Donnell was battered and left seriously injured after being hit by an iron bar and stamped on by hooligans just outside his pub. He was knocked out and says he has lost around six hours of memory from the night. He described the moment around 40 or 50 of the Dutch supporters throw a glass into the pub, which hit someone, before trying to get inside.

Traditionally, Ultras fights are pre-arranged, and there is a code to only fight those who are up for it, and in relatively equal numbers. This assault should not speak for supporters culture, but rather it is a blight on the game. Perhaps the consequence of a generation of fans who have grown disenfranchised with the modern game, and forgotten that football is about respect!