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Kobe Bryant: NBA's most famous football fan

Kobe Bryant recently announced his retirement from the game of basketball with a beautiful love letter to his favourite game. Throughout his career though, Bryant has shown love for a second sport; football. Kobe Bryant had an unlikely childhood for an NBA player. At just six years old, Kobe Bryant’s father and former NBA player, Joe Bryant, left the league, to continue his career in Italy. He would spend eight influential years there and in that time he took to the local customs (playing football) as a means of making friends as a kid. To this day, Kobe is still a keen football fan, and it is well know that he remains a life long AC Milan fan, having grown up watching the likes of Gullit, Van Basten, and Rijkard during Rossoneri’s golden era. Throughout the 20 years that he has been in the limelight, Kobe has been somewhat of an ambassador of the world’s game. Here are some of his football highlights.

Kobe Bryant at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa

Bryant at Galatasaray taking penalties

Keepy-ups and penalty at Man United-Barcelona halftime

FIFA 16 advert with Alex Morgan