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Refugees Welcome: How to Help!

Throughout the current migration crisis, we have seen football fans, clubs, and players from across Europe come out in support of aiding refugees. Our recent video on Copa90 covered some of the ways in which the football community has tried to help.

As well as these important gestures and demonstrations, a number of charitable organisations are working to help those most in need. Take a look at the links below to find out more and to see how you can show your support.

Save The Children have been working with football clubs for years to provide aid to people in need. Since the Refugee Crisis has worsened, they have been at the forefront of addressing people’s needs across the European Continent.

UNHCR has been the leader in helping refugee assistance since WW2. Their work is essential in coordinating the various organisations helping with aid.

Refugee Maps provides you with information on events and donation points aimed at supporting Refugees in need.

Football Cares is an initiative set up by AS Roma, and in partnership with several other European clubs aimed at galvanising the football community to help asylum seekers.

Calaid has been actively working in Calais to set up volunteer programs and supplies for people in need

Philosophy Football have created custom shirts, the proceeds from which will go towards helping Doctors of the World assist in Refugee aid in Calais.

Refugees Welcome: Football Unites