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Introducing the CopaLab: Copa90's Pop-Up 360° Skill Arena

On Monday 12th October and Tuesday 13th October, Copa90 will be in Southbank for one of the coolest football events London has ever seen. Come along to our 'CopaLab', a football arena rigged with cameras, and join in on the fun with footballers, youtubers and many more! Want to spread an important message with banners? Fancy showing your sick football skills? Have a quality celebration you want immortalised in 360°? Now's your chance! Don't forget, the arena is mainly there for YOU. The CopaLab is setup with a bullet-time 360° camera rig, which gives you the chance to record your tricks, celebrations, message (anything!), in the most amazing way possible. It will be all be captured (Matrix style!) and made into a gif that you can have and show your mates!


2-day football event with a 360° bullet-time CopaLab.


11am-7pm Monday 12th October and Tuesday 13th October


Observation Point,Riverside Walkway,South Bank,London,SE1 9PP

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