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Inter vs Juventus – When Milano Becomes Black and White

Post by Gianluca Lia Luci a San Siro; Juve - e’ tempo di rimontare; Inter – taglia la Juve fuori dalla lotta scudetto. Most of the Italian’s newspapers welcomed their readers with these front headlines on Sunday morning as two of the biggest clubs in Italian football were to cross swords that night; Inter vs Juventus. The former had the duty to push Juventus out from the scudetto’s race while the bianconeri had to turn things to their favour in the domestic scene following their rough start with only 8 points take from their initial fixtures. I had the pleasure to follow this match from a Juventus fan's point of view, therefore also being involved in the backstage journey which eventually led to the highly-anticipated match played at the famous San Siro. Ma camminiamo in mezzo a ‘loro’? (Shall we pass beneath them?); Meglio evitare di incontrarli! (It’s better if we avoid them). These thoughts are common for the away fans when they travel to their rival’s stadium and Juventus’ fans were not an exception in the build-up prior to their entrance into the stadium. Avoiding bizarre encounters with groups of Inter fans was a priority for them so they could gather themselves as early as possible with the Juventus ultras. The rendezvous was in a small and modern hotel in front of the San Siro where we were surrounded by a lot of nerazzurri. From then, we walked around the surroundings of the stadium so we could enter from the away section and within 10 minutes we arrived at Ingresso 10. The Juventus’ fans felt at home there with everywhere and everything coloured in black and white including lot of cars and pullmans. Personally, I cannot deny that my biggest fear was looking at the Italian police as all armed and well-equipped, they formed a long row on the both lateral sides of the entrance – frightening. The fans did not waste much time in creating the match atmosphere as they started to sing their chants with most of them being offensive towards Inter, highlighting their huge hatred towards the nerazzuri. Following our entrance from the outside gates, we had another 10 minute walk in the stadium itself where we eventually made it to the away section – 6,000 Juventus’ fans had made the trip to follow their heroes... Incredible!. Singing and chanting prior and during the warming up, provoking Inter’s fans who also started to sing against us - you could finally notice that everything was set up for a big night. Juventus’ ultras were composed of various sized groups of varying characteristics, but they all combined to create an intense atmosphere. Viking, Bravi Ragazzi, Ultimo Baluardo, JDS, Sicily Boys, Tradizione and Drughi are some of the main group ultras that were also present at the San Siro. With the match ending in a stalemate, the highlight of the match was Inter’s choreography with the away side singing against them, which underlined the rivalry and also reminded everyone that Inter vs Juventus is still one of the biggest rivalries in Italian and European football.