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FC United of Manchester say "No" to BBC Reschedule Request

In a fantastic club statement on Monday, fan-owned FC United of Manchester stood up to the BBC by rejecting the broadcaster's proposal to reschedule their FA Cup game against Sporting Khalsa. In an attempt to launch their “brand new BBC Mobile Match of The Day Live experience", the BBC requested that the kick off time for FC United's match on Saturday 24th October be moved, to which the FC United of Manchester board gave "a resounding ‘no’". Citing the inconvenience that rescheduling would cause to fans, staff (many of whom are fans who volunteer) and both sides on match-day, FC United of Manchester claimed that the request to reschedule their FA Cup tie serves as another example that the relationship between the football league and the broadcasters "has swung way too far in favour of the TV companies". It's a refreshing stance for a club to take and for football fans to witness in modern football, particularly in England. It is another step in FC United's aim "to change the way that football is owned and run" by "putting supporters at the heart of everything". The club's refusal to budge is another example of FC United of Manchester's resolute belief that money should not compromise the interests of football fans. Find out more on what makes FC United of Manchester so special in our Fan Film Fund video below!

To read the brilliant club statement in full, click here