Nike - Architects of New Football

The Brief

We were asked to bring The Land of New Football to key partners, spreading the word across the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Through working with targeted partners to hand craft stories, we looked to address the tension points and unpack the layers of the Land Of New Football.

The COPA90 Approach

Our documentary film explored the progress that is happening in ‘The Land of New Football’ through the eyes of five ‘architects’ of this brave new world. Through the five selected football collectives, our documentary film uncovered how they have each taken a tension point in their life and have turned it into positive change for themselves and their community. The film became a rallying cry to youth in cities across the world to join the The Land of New Football – a place where change can happen.

As the focal point of our social campaign, we distributed the Hero Film asset across our YouTube channel, utilising our organic reach to hit the COPA90 audience. This activity was supported by our paid media approach which, through our 1st part audience data, unlocked target audiences in Italy, France, Germany and Spain at scale.

We posted social cut-downs organically across Instagram & Twitter, utilising different formats like IGTV and Stories. This allowed us to test varying content formats and optimise towards the best performing ones.

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The Outcome

The overall performance of the film was incredibly successful, with a 5.79% over-delivery on views and a VTR 14% over the COPA90 benchmark. In addition, the CVR of 23.8% was well above the 15% benchmark, resulting in over 1.3m completed views. 


views (+8.5% on planned)




engagements (+296K on planned)


completed views


VTR (+2% on planned)


engagement rate (+2.8% on estimated)