COPA90 and EA SPORTS are committed to making changes not just within our own organisations, but the whole creative industry.

Racism in football is about more than just the high profile cases, it comes through in multiple ways, and at its core is a lack of diversity in sports media.

So while we’re working hard to support those who are already changing the landscape, we’re also looking forward so that the next generation, you, can make your mark on the industry.

Following a successful year that saw applicants come out with incredible networks and full time contracts within the industry, we re-opened the internship just in time for 2022's cohort to be part of the Women's Euros.

As part of the 2022 internship programme, the class of '22 were tasked with producing a zine to map out a vision for the future of the women's game. Over 12 weeks and with the backdrop of a glorious summer for our Lionesses, the team set about interviewing voices from all levels - from players to directors, fans to collectives. Their single ambition was to shine a light on the global growth of WFB, its identity and the vibrant future that lies ahead. Women's football is here, and so is the class of 2022.

MADE THEIR MARk Class of  22


The time with COPA90 over the past few months has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Through the BTB programme I have had an all access exposure to different roles within football media (even featuring in a shoot!). It opened my eyes to the different roles that are available and gave me the opportunity to be a part of the ever growing WFB movement!


The BTB scheme is so important for ethnic minority creators, and I am incredibly grateful that I could participate. The opportunity to develop various skills working in different departments was invaluable. As an avid Women's Football fan, I felt immense pride working on a project focused on growing and celebrating how far Women's Football has come.


The internship was genuinely such an enjoyable experience and opened my eyes to the depth of the football media and advertising industry. As someone who had no background or experience coming in, I was not only given ample support throughout my time at COPA90, but was also provided tools and resources to be able to effectively break into this industry going forward.


Being selected for the BTB internship was hands down has been one of the proudest moments of my life! I’ve had a blast, met some amazing people, built great connections and what feels like a lifetime's worth of experience. I’ve been able to peel back the curtain of the football media industry, it’s been a pleasure.


The BTB programme exceeded all expectations! I came in with the desire to work in a particular part of the industry, but have been shown so many other parts that I didn't know existed. The opportunities have been invaluable to the beginning of my career, and the people I've met are some of the most incredible people I know!


I can’t recommend this internship enough, a crazy experience! I can confidently say I have improved so much on a technical level and with have gained a wealth of experience along the way. If you’re looking for a place to really sharpen your skills and get better within the industry then COPA90 is the place!


Gain invaluable experience in what goes on behind the scenes of sports media.

Gain a 360 experience of the world of football marketing and creative advertising.

Build your network of industry contacts from COPA90, our clients, and our partners.

Deep dive into the inner workings of the women's game.

Feel inspired and empowered with the tools to shape the future of modern fan culture.

WEEKS 1- 4

Get a full induction into the world of football media. Try every aspect of the industry, via week long placements in each department.

Get briefed on your very own women’s football project.

WEEKS 5- 8

Work and learn from incredible partner organisations (Versus, SEASON zine, FBB, Rising Ballers & She's A Baller)

Supercharge your own project with direct insight from the brightest minds in the game.

WEEKS 9- 12

Pull together your collective findings, and create a lasting statement piece for your portfolio.

Present your project live to the leading voices within the industry.


Make your mark
Make your mark
Make your mark
Make your mark
Make your mark
Make your mark

Applications coming soon.